The Other Toy Story is an ongoing project by Joyce Dallal.  It began as a multi-faceted art project to investigate the impact and influence of toys on our social, psychological, and physical environment—especially, what do we do with them when we’re done playing with them? The concept grew out of her personal experience as a parent overwhelmed with all the stuff that accumulated in her own household—especially the amount of plastic contained in toys that cannot be recycled. The project was conceived during a residency at the Marlborough School in Los Angeles, spanning the 2010-11 school year. Since then it has traveled to multiple sites around the U.S.

About the Artist:
Joyce Dallal is an artist working with themes of collective and personal history, community, memory, and the evolution of contemporary cultural identity. She is interested in the human ramifications of political and social realities and this is most often the inspiration for her work. She works with a variety of media, from small prints and collages to large installations and public commissions that often involve a public participatory component.
She has been exhibiting nationally and internationally for over 20 years and is the recipient of several grants and fellowships. Among them are a National Endowment for the Arts Regional Arts Fellowship in Photography, a Brody Arts Fellowship, and a City of Los Angeles Individual Artist Fellowship. Her public art projects can be viewed in various sites around Los Angeles. She received her Masters in Fine Art from USC and is a professor in the art department at El Camino College in Southern California.

DisappearingFrogsProject_2015_12_22__21h12The Other Toy Story is now partnering with the Disappearing Frogs Project for upcoming exhibitions in 2016.
Details coming soon!

Short video documentary about the project. By John Flynn.