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The Bionic Man

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Posted by: Amy S- While creating a bionic man as a part of my AP concentration, I started dissecting used and broken toys. The sophisticated technology present in toys that people would throw away without a thought allowed for a combination of man and machine that looked real enough for several people to ask if the head could talk. Instead of delegating these toy parts to a land fill, I reused them in my piece and was able to make a statement about the state of technology and a potential future for mankind. There is also a more subtle message about the role toys play in the development of a child.

Tea Party

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Posted by: Sara C– I was inspired to create this scene by my little sister. I remember she once built a little hut for the fairies in our garden at home. It was complete with a roof and a table inside. She filled the whole area with flowers from our garden and the ferns in the flower bed made a beautiful backdrop. I have always thought that the ferns made a lovely little forest, and I wanted to recreate my sister’s scene but with dolls. I enlisted her help to recruit the guests for our little party as well as the props.  It took us such a long time to prepare it! Everything was so small and we were constantly knocking things over. We used an old thimble that belonged to our grandmother, an old broken doll, a tin soldier, a lego bird, a old photograph of myself as a …

The Bride

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Posted by: Madeline K This Barbie is my little cousin, Sarah’s, favorite doll. When Sarah’s aunt got married, she gave Sarah this doll. The actual bride looked exactly like doll she gave Sarah. Sarah was a flowergirl in this wedding,the first wedding she will have a clear memory of.  This doll is a reminder of that day, and the bride she will be someday. 

Eyeless Alice

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Posted by Sara C.– Almost all of my dolls were named Alice. This doll was named Alice and I remember that she was one of my favorites.  Besides my American Girl Dolls, she was my only doll that was not a baby and by far that prettiest. I was not the only one to think so because one day, my youngest sister took Alice without my permission to play with. That night, I came home to find Alice hidden underneath the covers of my doll bed withboth of her eyes pushed back into her head. I was absolutely devastated! Wanting to keep her from further harm, I placed her on the highest shelf of the bookcase in my room and I ceased to play with her so that she could not be ruined anymore.  Despite her condition, I kept Alice on display in my room. I tried many times to fix …


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Posted This is a picture of one of my favorite dolls from my childhood, Kaya the American Girl Doll. I got her for my tenth birthday, and I spent endless hours playing with her, creating a perfect world for her to live in. However, like all children, I grew up, and Kaya slowly lost her appeal to me. The hours I spent with her grew shorter and shorter, until she was nothing more than another old toy shoved under my bed, forgotten between the mothballs and lost socks. Just a few weeks ago, I had a sudden urge to find Kaya. I knew she was somewhere in the house, maybe in a corner of the garage or at the bottom of an old toy box. After days of searching, I found her on on a shelf in the garage. She was undressed, and missing fingers from an unfortunate encounter with …