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Baby Face

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It occurred to me sometime in the last couple of weeks, as I have been running around town picking up bags of old toys till my car was overflowing, that there is some kind of connection between what I am doing now and a game I used to play when I was about 9 years old. I lived in Cleveland at the time, and I remember riding my bike around the neighborhood after it rained hunting for clogged sewer drains and cleaning out the leaves that were clogging them. In my fantasy I was some kind of sewer superhero saving the world from clogged drains in danger of causing overflowing streets. I remember years later when I was a teenager on a family vacation, stopping on the banks of the Merced River and instead of dipping my feet in the water, I started picking up all the trash I saw …

First Baby Feeding

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We did our first sorting and baby feeding on Friday, May 6. The show looks great! The students sorted with much enthusiasm, fueled by a pizza lunch, and we went through several large bags of discarded toys. Those that were clean, in good condition, and not missing parts were put into the donation section. Anything marked with a recycle symbol was put into the recycling section. Electronic toys were separated and several students tackled them with screwdrivers to remove the electronic parts and batteries. All other toys were put into the “baby food” section and were tossed into the trap door on the back of the baby’s head. We filled about 1/5 of the baby’s torso. Interestingly, the recycle section ended up with the fewest amount of toys. In fact, mostly packaging went in there. Next feeding will be during the reception on Tuesday, May 10, 3-5pm.