Baby Face

It occurred to me sometime in the last couple of weeks, as I have been running around town picking up bags of old toys till my car was overflowing, that there is some kind of connection between what I am doing now and a game I used to play when I was about 9 years old. I lived in Cleveland at the time, and I remember riding my bike around the neighborhood after it rained hunting for clogged sewer drains and cleaning out the leaves that were clogging them. In my fantasy I was some kind of sewer superhero saving the world from clogged drains in danger of causing overflowing streets. I remember years later when I was a teenager on a family vacation, stopping on the banks of the Merced River and instead of dipping my feet in the water, I started picking up all the trash I saw (much to my mother’s dismay!) Again, I was playing some kind of game where I was the anti-litter superhero. I think there is definitely a connection here.