Posted by: Sara C–

I was inspired to create this scene by my little sister. I remember she once built a little hut for the fairies in our garden at home. It was complete with a roof and a table inside. She filled the whole area with flowers from our garden and the ferns in the flower bed made a beautiful backdrop. I have always thought that the ferns made a lovely little forest, and I wanted to recreate my sister’s scene but with dolls. I enlisted her help to recruit the guests for our little party as well as the props.  It took us such a long time to prepare it! Everything was so small and we were constantly knocking things over. We used an old thimble that belonged to our grandmother, an old broken doll, a tin soldier, a lego bird, a old photograph of myself as a baby, a feather butterfly,bark and twigs for the table, and my sister’s old tea set to create this scene. This photograph says so much about myself as a child. I loved everything old and forgotten, as are all the toys used. I also loved to plan and have tea parties with my sisters. My grandmother was my hero even though I never new her, and I saved everything that belonged to her. Lastly, I spent countless hours dreaming about fairies and I often left letters for them in the garden. Even though this scene is not of fairies, it has a magical quality that makes me think of them.